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The 75 Year History of the ACLI Life Insurers Fact Book
The 2021 edition of the Life Insurers Fact Book is celebrating 75 years of serving the life insurance industry, including agents, economists, researchers, state regulators, and federal agencies alike. Trade associations have a strong tradition of data collection since the early 1900s when many were beginning to form, especially in the life insurance industry. The Fact Book has become an essential publication for industry professionals by providing statistics and information on trends covering assets, liabilities, income, expenditures, reinsurance, life insurance, and annuities.

Download complete Fact Book with Appendices (PDF), or individually by chapter below (PDF):

Table of Contents
Chapter 1     Overview 
Chapter 2     Assets 
Chapter 3     Liabilities 
Chapter 4     Income 
Chapter 5     Expenditures
Chapter 6     Reinsurance 
Chapter 7     Life Insurance 
Chapter 8     Annuities 
Chapter 9     Ownership Access
Chapter 10   In the States 
Chapter 11   Industry Rankings
Chapter 12   Life Expectancy



Khari Cook, 202-624-2133
Khari Cook, 202-624-2133