A big part of the working capital that helps Kansas open its doors, invest in new projects and grow its workforce comes from long-term investments by life insurers. Our companies have invested $53 billion in Kansas with agricultural loans, education bonds, residential and retail mortgages and more. We are here to strengthen businesses and communities across the Sunflower State.

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  • $42 billion in stocks and bonds that help finance business development and create new jobs
  • $7 billion in real estate, loans and other investments
  • $4 billion in mortgage loans on farms, residential, and commercial property

Investing in Agriculture
With agricultural mortgage loan investments in Gray, Hamilton, Neosha, Greeley counties totaling $175 million, life insurers are providing vital financing to the state’s farmers.


Investing in Apartments/Multifamily
Life insurers have invested $993 million in mortgage loans for apartment buildings in Wichita, Lawrence, Topeka and other cities in the state, helping individuals and families call Kansas “home.”


Investing in Retail
Nearly a quarter of the jobs in The Sunflower State are supported by the retail industry, according to the National Retail Federation. Life insurers strongly support retail. They have provided $777 million in mortgage financing in Kansas City, Manhattan, McPherson and other cities.


Investing in Education
School districts in Sedgwick, Johnson, Miami and other counties received $276 million in financing from life insurers. These bond purchases result in safer schools and enhanced technologies to prepare Kansas students for the future.


Investing in Infrastructure
With $105 million invested in bonds issued by utilities and another $219 million invested in bonds issued by the state transportation department, life insurers are helping finance infrastructure improvements throughout Kansas.


Investing in Industry
Life insurers have provided a total $558 million in mortgage loans for industries in Kansas City, Wichita and Topeka.