A big part of the working capital that helps Colorado open its doors, invest in new projects and grow its workforce comes from long-term investments by life insurers. Our companies have invested $132 billion in Colorado’s economy through bonds for education, affordable housing, industry and infrastructure, and mortgages for apartments/multifamily and residences, among many other investments. We are here to strengthen businesses and communities across the Centennial State.

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  • $99 billion in stocks and bonds that help finance business development and create new jobs
  • $16 billion in real estate, loans and other investments
  • $17 billion in mortgage loans on farms, residential, and commercial property

Investing in Education
Life insurers have invested more than $1.2 billion in bonds for education. These bonds allow Colorado schools to invest in safer school buildings, keep up with new technologies for students and teachers, and ensure Colorado’s students have the tools they need to learn at their best.


Investing in Infrastructure
Life insurers have invested more than $1.3 billion in bonds to help build and maintain a sustainable infrastructure for Colorado. This includes more than $800 million for transportation and nearly $500 million for utility projects in the Centennial state.


Investing in Affordable Housing
Life insurers have invested more than $115 million in bonds for the Colorado Housing and Finance Authority and Denver’s City and County Housing Authority.


Investing in Apartments/Multifamily
Life insurers have invested more than $5.8 billion in apartments and multifamily in Boulder, Colorado Springs, Pueblo and other cities and towns throughout the state, contributing to vibrant and affordable housing markets.


Investing in Residential
Life insurers have invested nearly $650 million in mortgages for residences in Lakewood, Aurora, Fort Collins, Greeley and other cities and towns throughout the state.


Investing in Industry
Life insurers have provided more than $1.2 billion in financing for industry in Grand Junction, Glenwood Springs, Edwards, Denver and more.