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401(k) Fee Disclosure Form. ACLI, working with the American Bankers Association and the Investment Company Institute, developed a 401(k) Fee Disclosure Form designed to assist companies in making informed cost-benefit decisions when selecting 401(k) service providers.


Planning for retirement is a lifelong process that begins when you enter the work force. Depending where you work, you may be eligible to participate in a defined benefit plan, which is typically funded entirely by the employer, or a defined contribution plan—such as a 401(k)—which is generally funded by a combination of employer and employee contributions.

Winning the Financial Security Lottery

Like many people, you may have dreamed of winning the lottery and being financially secure for life. However, you don't need to win the lottery to obtain financial security. In fact, that security might just be available through the benefits offered at your job. [read more]

Understanding Retirement Plans & Fees


Retirement Plan Fees Disclosed in New Format
ACLI developed a guide to help you understand the fees associated with managing and servicing your workplace retirement savings plan. It describes the fee information you receive annually and explains how to compare the true costs of different investment options.


Employers: Understanding Retirement Plan Fees 
Under new Labor Department rules, employers now receive more detailed information about the fees and expenses associated with their retirement plans. ACLI developed a guide to help employers understand the requirements and better compare the fees charged by different service providers.

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Defined Benefit Plans
Defined Contribution Plans


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