ACLI represents legal reserve life insurance companies and fraternal benefit societies operating in the United States before federal and state policymakers, insurance departments, the NAIC, and the courts. ACLI is governed by a Board of Directors—elected by its membership—which sets policy and guides the actions of the association.


Any legal reserve life insurance company authorized to do business in the United States, and has been doing business for a period of not less than three years, is eligible for election to membership in the ACLI.


Applications for membership must be made in writing. ACLI's Corporate Secretary will present each application to the Membership Committee of the Board of Directors. Companies will be admitted upon adoption of a favorable resolution by a majority of both groups. To apply for membership, please fill out this form.


ACLI is funded primarily by dues revenue. ACLI member companies contribute annual dues based on their adjusted admitted assets and premiums as of the end of the previous year.

Nonmember Opportunities

Companies that are ineligible for ACLI membership should explore ACLI's business opportunities and affiliate opportunities, as well as Insurers International for non-U.S. based life insurance companies.


Nancy Moon, 202-624-2406


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