Disaster Response & Relief

America’s life insurance companies are prepared to help those affected by natural disasters throughout the country. Life insurers will deliver on the promise of financial and retirement security made to policyholders.

ACLI will regularly update this page with information that may be of assistance to life insurance policyholders affected by the disasters.  Additional information is available from state insurance departments.


Help for victims of Hurricane Florence, September 2018


Directive encouraging insurers to provide relief to policyholders due to recent storms, including exercising leniency where premium payments may appear tardy, 03/05/2019


Bulletin requesting insurers provide grace periods for consumers affected by recent flooding, 03/27/2019


Bulletin encouraging insurers to offer assistance to residents impacted by several weather events including tornadoes, 05/29/2019
Bulletin requesting insurers to consider ways they can assist policyholders impacted by recent flooding, including a grace period for premiums, 03/19/2019


Notice urging insurers to consider ways to assist policyholders impacted by severe flooding and winter storms, 03/15/2019


Bulletin requesting insurers allowing deferral of premium payments due to recent severe weather and tornadoes, 05/29/2019
Bulletin requesting insurers allow deferral of premium payments, interest free, for up to 60 calendar days from the original premium due date due to severe storms, 03/15/2019 


Bulletin directing insurers not to cancel coverage in areas affected by recent storms, 05/24/2019