Rising Leaders


Beth Goldsmith

Beth Goldsmith is a highly accomplished professional as the Second Vice President of Practice Management and Development at Ameritas. With a master’s degree in business and an emphasis on Organizational Development, Beth brings a unique blend of expertise to her role.  Beth is widely recognized for her exceptional contributions to Ameritas, where she has led the development of the practice management resource program from inception to success. Her visionary approach transformed the field education at Ameritas, resulting in the creation of an on-demand learning curriculum and platform, empowering employees to acquire knowledge at their own pace.

Additionally, Beth spearheadedthe implementation of a new learning program that caters to diverse audiences, utilizing learning differentiation strategies to maximize impact. As a driving force behind innovation at Ameritas, Beth has successfully managed large-scale projects, such as the sports marketing platform and the establishment of a dedicated cohort for female financial professionals. Her ability to identify and leverage opportunities has propelled the organization forward, while her commitment to diversity and inclusion initiatives hasfostered a more inclusive and equitable workplace.

Beth's mastery of organizational development principles, coupled with her strategic thinking and leadership skills, have been instrumental in shaping Ameritas' growth and success. Her dedication to empowering individuals and teams to reach their full potential has earned her respect within the industry. Outside of her professional achievements, Beth is known for her passion for continuous learning and her dedication to fostering a collaborative and supportive work environment. She actively seeks opportunities to mentor and inspire others, reflecting her commitment to personal and professional development.