ACLI Investment Bulletins

ACLI Investment Bulletins demonstrate the investment activity of life insurers in the U.S. economy.

Bulletin Descriptions

Bond Quality
The purpose of the Bond Quality investment bulletin is to report total general account bond holdings on a quarterly basis, broken out by NAIC quality class, for the life insurance industry. Bond Quality highlights the holdings of investment grade bonds (highest quality bonds) over an extended period of time.

In addition, a further breakdown of industry bond holdings by quality class is provided for companies within specified ranges of total general account net admitted assets. The data used to produce Bond Quality is received directly from the NAIC on a quarterly basis.

Invested Assets Portfolio Profile
The Invested Assets Portfolio Profile (IAPP) investment bulletin reports total industry holdings of general account net admitted invested assets of life insurers and fraternal benefit societies for the current year. The source of the data used in the bulletin is the "Summary of Investment Schedule" and "Assets" pages of the annual statutory filings to the National Association of Insurance Companies (NAIC).

Private Placements Commitments
Private placements are issues offered to institutional investors that involve no public offering, including privately placed medium-term notes, and Rule 144a issues. The primary purpose of the Private Placements Commitments investment bulletin is to show the types and principal characteristics of private placement investments currently being made by life insurance companies on a quarterly basis.

The characteristics of the privately placed investments displayed in the bulletin include yield, spread, duration, and average life by quality rating, industry, and country. The data is collected by way of survey, in which life companies report new commitments for private placements, both primary and secondary issues, made during the month for investments in the general account and those underlying guaranteed investments in the separate accounts.

Commercial Mortgage Commitments - Quarterly
The Commercial Mortgage Commitments report is a primary source of industry information on mortgage lending activity of life insurance companies. Details include, but are not limited to: property type, contract rate, bond equivalent yield, basis-point spread, debt coverage, loan to value ratio and capitalization rate. All loan data are aggregated and distributed on a quarterly basis in five to six weeks after the end of the quarter.

Commercial Mortgage Commitments - Monthly Flash
CMC - Monthly Flash was first published in April 2020. It reports the same information as CMC - Quarterly, except on a monthly basis. All loan data are aggregated and released five to six weeks after the end of the month.

Mortgage Loan Portfolio Profile - Quarterly
The Mortgage Loan Portfolio Profile report is a quarterly publication that reports on life insurers' delinquency experience on mortgage loans. It includes number and principal of outstanding loans, restructured loans, delinquent loans, loans in foreclosure and foreclosed loans by type of property and geographic region. Currently, the survey participants include both member and non-member companies and the coverage is about 85% of the whole industry.

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How to Order an Investment Bulletin:

  1. Investment Bulletin PDFs may be purchased online by credit card.
  2. To pay by check, print and mail the order form (PDF) with your check made out to ACLI to: Michele Alexander, ACLI, 101 Constitution Avenue NW, Suite 700, Washington, DC 20001-2133. Faculty members and full-time students may qualify for a 50% discount.


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