New Hampshire

A big part of the working capital that helps New Hampshire open its doors, invest in new projects and grow its workforce comes from long-term investments by life insurers. Our companies have invested $26 billion in New Hampshire’s economy with investments in affordable housing, infrastructure, apartments/multifamily units and more. We are here to strengthen businesses and communities across the Granite State.

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  • $22 billion in stocks and bonds that help finance business development and create new jobs
  • $4 billion in real estate, loans and other investments
  • $616 million in mortgage loans on farms, residential, and commercial property

Investing in Affordable Housing
Life insurers have invested $67 million in bonds issued by the New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority – investments that have helped the Authority provide home financing to 48,000 low and middle-income residents in the state.


Investing in Infrastructure
Life insurers provided more than $90 million in financing for road transportation purposes in the Granite State.


Investing in Apartments/Multifamily
Life insurers have invested $210 million in mortgages for apartments/multifamily units in Manchester, Nashua, Concord, Keene and others cities and towns throughout the Granite State.


Investing in Office Space
Granite State businesses need space, which life insurers help provide with financing. They invested more than $60 million in mortgages for office space in New Hampshire.


Investing in Retail
Life insurers strongly support retail in New Hampshire, having provided more than $100 million in mortgage financing for shops and other enterprises throughout the state.


Investing in Education
Life insurers have invested more than $27 million in the Concord School District, part of an overall $45 million in bond purchases that have helped boost education in the Granite State.