A big part of the working capital that helps Rhode Island open its doors, invest in new projects and grow its workforce comes from long-term investments by life insurers. Our companies have invested $17 billion in Rhode Island’s economy with mortgage loans, bond purchases for affordable housing and financing for education. We are here to strengthen communities and businesses across the Ocean State.

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  • $17 billion invested in Rhode Island’s economy 
  • $14 billion in stocks and bonds that help finance business development and create new jobs
  • $480 million in mortgage loans on farms, residential, and commercial property

Investing in Education
Life insurers have invested more than $30 million in bonds for education in the state, which includes a $10 million investment in the Rhode Island Student Loan Authority. RISLA is a non-profit, quasi-state authority that has been providing affordable higher education solutions since 1981.


Investing in Apartment/ Multifamily
The industry has invested $156 million in mortgage loans for apartments and multi-family units across the state, helping more individuals and families call Rhode Island “home.”


Investing in Residential
More than $80 million in financing for residential homes in the Providence and Warwick metropolitan areas has come from life insurers.


Investing in Affordable Housing
Life insurers from around the country have been helping low and middle-income families, investing more than $70 million in bonds issued by the Rhode Island State Housing and Mortgage Finance Corporation. In addition to providing loans, it offers “grants, education and assistance to help people find, rent, buy, build and keep a good home,” the group says.


Investing in Infrastructure
Life insurers have invested $19 million in the state’s Clean Water Finance Agency, $4 million in the Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank, and another $8 million in clean water and transportation -- $31 million in all.


Investing in Retail
Life insurers are bullish on retail in Rhode Island, having invested nearly $120 million in mortgages that help businesses start up or expand.



Life insurance companies plan ahead. Not just to deliver for our policyholders. But to help our communities in times of need. We are #MeetingTheMoment.