Webinar: Life Insurance Post-COVID-19: Recovering from the Deluge

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June 17, 2020
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM ET


Like a rogue wave, the COVID-19 pandemic caught the world unaware; as it recedes, we must come to terms with the impact and our next steps. Life insurers have opportunities to bolster their reputations in meeting client needs, but they also need tools to better prepare for the full range of risks. Life portfolios, already subject to a prolonged low-interest-rate environment, must accept these challenges will continue. With rapidly evolving industry technology, consolidation, and a dynamic political and legislative landscape, insurers will need a full grasp of the issues to go full speed ahead and build their businesses. Join us for our roundtable discussion, where Paul Quaranto, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President at Boston Mutual Life Insurance Company, and Woody Bradford, Chief Executive Officer and Chair of the Board of Conning, will discuss COVID-19 impact on the life insurance industry, market and investment portfolios as well as the known unknowns.  




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