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Disability Income Insurance: Financial Protection for You and Your Family 
Disability income insurance protects your financial security should an injury or illness prevent you from working for a long period of time. This guide outlines the features and costs of individual disability income insurance and offers tips and a checklist on buying the right policy (PDF) for you. (Available in English (PDF) and in Spanish (PDF).)

The Individual Annuity: A Resource in Your Retirement 
To achieve a secure retirement, more retirees are including an individual annuity in their plans. This guide has been prepared to help retirees understand what an individual annuity contract is, what options are available, and how the right choice might enhance retirement security. (Available in English (PDF) and in Spanish (PDF).)

Long-Term Care Insurance: Protection For Your Future
A lifetime of retirement savings can be wiped out by an unexpected need for nursing home, assisted living, or at-home care. Long-term care insurance can cover the costs of those long-term care services and protect lifetime savings. This guide answers commonly asked questions about long-term care insurance and provides a checklist for selecting a policy. (Available in English (PDF) and in Spanish (PDF).)

What You Should Know About Buying Life Insurance
Life insurance protects your financial future and provides the resources your family or business may need to pay immediate and continuing expenses when you die. (Available in English (PDF) and in Spanish (PDF).)


Guide for Participants
Retirement Plan Fees Disclosed in New Format
ACLI developed a guide to help you understand the fees associated with managing and servicing your workplace retirement savings plan. It describes the fee information you receive annually and explains how to compare the true costs of different investment options. Download the Guide (PDF).

Guide for Fiduciaries 
Employers: Understanding Retirement Plan Fees
Under new Labor Department rules, employers now receive more detailed information about the fees and expenses associated with their retirement plans. ACLI developed a guide to help employers understand the requirements and better compare the fees charged by different service providers. Download the Guide (PDF).


Life insurers are the leading providers of products and services for employer-sponsored benefit packages. These include products that protect against the risk of premature death, extended disability, long-term care, or the non-medical expenses often associated with serious illness. These supplemental benefit products provide flexible benefit choices that build on the basic coverage offered by an employer.

ACLI Position

The benefits provided through the employer-insurer partnership are vital to the financial security of families across the nation. ACLI supports measures that strengthen this partnership and continue to make the workplace an efficient and cost-effective place to provide workers—and their families—the tools they need to attain financial security.

Public policy proposals that create retirement choices for employers and employees, encourage participation in workplace-based plans and IRAs and promote increased use of annuities can help close the retirement security gap and reduce burdens on government-run programs. An efficient regulatory process and sound public policy can support an environment where products are affordable and widely available through the workplace, associations and other channels. The U.S. federal government has recognized this and supports such an environment.

Over time, U.S. tax policy has strengthened the incentive for employers to provide workplace benefits through favorable tax treatment. It is essential that current tax treatment be maintained. Additionally, continued efforts to educate both employers and employees about the importance and affordability of employer-sponsored insurance will help ensure the financial well-being of families.


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