Webinar: Where We Are in the Credit Cycle-Implications for Investing

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December 9, 2014
1:32 PM - 1:32 PM ET
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Webinar: The corporate market has gone nearly full circle over the past decade, and fixed income investors find themselves in an environment that looks disturbingly similar to 2005-2006, with narrow spreads, compressed differentials across ratings, and rising event risk. Given these dynamics, what are the implications for life insurers' investment strategies? What do they need to keep in mind in terms of event risk, liquidity, the strength of covenants and asset class selection in the current environment? Conning experts will share their insights on what insurance investors need to know to navigate the current investment environment, including the advice we give our own clients on how to mitigate risk. Audience: topic is investment-related, so it wold be appropriate to anyone with a finance/investment role

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