Spouse/Guest Program


Join Patricia Kempthorne, wife of ACLI's President and CEO, for special activities during your stay in Orlando.

Spouse/Guest Hospitality-Lake Room, Ground Level
Refreshments, light snacks and information on local attractions will be available.

Continental breakfast will be provided on Monday and Tuesday mornings.

Hospitality Room Hours
Sunday, October 16—3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Monday, October 17—7:00 am – 4:00 pm
Tuesday October 18—8:00 am – 2:00 pm

Sunday, October 16

9:00 am – noon

American Heritage River Airboat Adventure*
Airboats will take you into pristine sections of fresh water marshes and up river into the bald-cypress swamp—home of the Florida Alligator, American Bald Eagle, and an assortment of wildlife. Certified eco-guides, biologists, botanists, and Audubon experts assure each guest comes away with a profound understanding of our vastly different wildlife and the importance of the eco-system and its preservation. You’ll see a marvelous assortment of birds, reptiles and plants—some endangered, some threatened—including a few native species found in this area affectionately called the Central Florida Everglades. The tour leaves from a 100 year old outpost—a turn of the century fish camp—where you’ll board airboats to experience the American Heritage River and its abundant wildlife. You’ll learn about the fresh water eco-system of the St. John’s River, alligators, and the assortment of wonderful creatures that call the habitat home. This is a soft adventurous tour without dirt or danger. Cost: $75 per person.

Monday, October 17


Animal Kingdom’s Backstage Safari
Take a peek behind-the-scenes at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom. This in-depth three hour educational tour provides guests with an insider’s look at the innovative ways that Animal Kingdom is meeting challenges in animal conservation, nutrition and medicine, landscaping, animal care, and behavioral studies. Highlights include visits to the backstage animal housing area, forage (food) warehouse, and the Conservation Station Veterinary Hospital. Cost: $75 per person.

Tuesday, October 18

8:45 – 10:30 am

Living Proof: You Were Built for Something More
Lucas D. Boyce,
Director of Community Relations, Multicultural Insights, & Government Affairs
NBA's Orlando Magic
(hospitality room)

Living Proof is a speech that details Lucas’ journey to overcome significant obstacles to achieve three once-in-a-lifetime goals. From foster care to the White House and the NBA, he has had a remarkable journey and its only just begun. The quote by George Bernard Shaw, “Some men see things as they are and ask, why? Others dream things that can be and ask, why not?” is a fundamental theme interwoven throughout this talk. Personal history or external conditions outside of our control don’t have to determine our future trajectory, success or fulfillment. Lucas shares that obstacles and limitations become irrelevant when we understand our life purpose and are willing to reach for something more. It doesn’t matter what station of life we find ourselves, we were built for something more. We were meant to succeed. Lucas is living proof of this and shares his view on what it takes to overcome, stand up, and stand out. Cost: Included in spouse registration fee.


* Sunday tour is available for all conference registrants.