International Trade


International business operations are important to the success of many U.S. life insurers today and will continue to be as the global business environment evolves. Despite slowdowns in the global economy, life insurance operations continue to grow in both industrialized economies and emerging markets—especially in the area of retirement and savings accumulation products.

ACLI Position

ACLI supports the expansion of the presence of private, U.S.-based life insurers across international boundaries. To that end, ACLI engages in trade policy development initiatives at the legislative and regulatory levels, as well as negotiations to ensure free market access, fair competition, transparency, and regulatory efficiency. ACLI also provides technical and regulatory guidance to foreign regulators in developing policies governing financial and retirement security products.

Publications and Resources

ACLI Policy Issue Briefs (PDF format):

Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA)

Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)

Trade Promotion Authority (TPA)

International Trade Agreements Infographic: Download the PDF.

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