Retirement Plan Fees Disclosed in New Format


ACLI developed a guide to help you understand the fees associated with managing and servicing your workplace retirement savings plan. It describes the fee information you receive annually and explains how to compare the true costs of different investment options.

Download the guide (PDF).

Publications and Resources

401(k) Fee Disclosure Form. ACLI, working with the American Bankers Association and the Investment Company Institute, developed a 401(k) Fee Disclosure Form designed to assist companies in making informed cost-benefit decisions when selecting 401(k) service providers.

Boost Retirement Savings with Tax Refund. Before spending your refund, consider what it might be worth if invested for the future. By our calculations, if the average tax refund from the IRS -- $2,476 -- were invested conservatively, it could more than double in 30 years. Today's refund can help you reach a comfortable and financially secure tomorrow.